Forwards events to Druid


(druid opts)

Returns a function which accepts single events or batches of events in a vector and sends them to the Druid Tranquility Server.

Usage: (druid {:host “druid.example.com”})

Options: :host Hostname of Druid Tranquility server. (default: "localhost") :port Port at which Druid Tranquility is listening (default: 8200) :dataset Dataset name to be given (default: "riemann")

Example: (def druid-async (batch 100 1/10 (async-queue! :druid-async ; A name for the forwarder {:queue-size 1e4 ; 10,000 events max :core-pool-size 5 ; Minimum 5 threads :max-pools-size 100} ; Maximum 100 threads (druid {:host “localhost”}))))


(generate-event event)


(post-datapoint host port dataset json-data http-opts)

Post the riemann metrics as datapoints.