Forwards events to Zabbix


(make-datapoint event)


(make-frame request)

Creates a Zabbix sender protocol frame from a supplied request, returning the frame as a byte array.


(make-request datapoints)

Format a collection of datapoints as a Zabbix request.


(zabbix opts)

Returns a function which accepts an event or sequence of events and forwards them to Zabbix using the Zabbix Sender protocol. The :service field of the Riemann event is used as the key for the Zabbix item, with the :metric field used as the value. Use:

(zabbix {:host “localhost” :port 10051})


  • :host Hostname of the Zabbix server or proxy to send events to. Default: localhost.
  • :port Port of the Zabbix host. Default 10051.

Connection failures will result in an exception, but other types of Zabbix error are silently ignored. For example, it is up to the caller to ensure that the :service fields of events forwarded to Zabbix are valid Zabbix item keys.