Consumes messages from RabbitMQ. Associated with a core. Sends events to the core’s streams, queries the core’s index for states.


(rabbitmq-transport)(rabbitmq-transport settings)

Start consuming messages from RabbitMQ, applying them into the current core. Requires (service/start!).

Configure it via connection parameters described here.

Additional settings are:

  • :riemann.exchange-settings Settings an exchange is declared with, defaults are:
{:name "riemann"
 :type "topic"
 :durable false
 :auto-delete false
 :internal false}
  • :riemann.routing-key Routing key to match with, default is “#” (get everything)

For details on exchange declaration options see this.

Use message properties such as “Reply To” and “Correlation ID” when publishing to receive statuses and query results.